Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Soooo after 2 years of ombre and dip dying my hair almost every colour I decided to get rid of the blonde hair that had taken me 3 years to get (red is so hard to get rid of!)

(my 22nd!)

I lasted about a week and get incredibly bored so decided to give myself a sidecut. Yeah yeah I'm 7 years behind fashion. I've always said I'll do it when I go back brown (so that was 7 years ago!)

I did it with a comb and scissors because the hair clippers had broke and it took the whole of 10 minutes. I should really think things through, I am such a tool sometimes!

I haven't actually taken a photo yet so I'll get round to doing that soon :)

Sunday, 13 January 2013


I literally have SO many posts to do. I have several photos from way back to Halloween but I'm not sure if it's even worth doing that tutorial now.

I still might.

Who knows?
 ( I went a bat and made my own simple costume)

I could do the usual Christmas haul post, but I might do that after my birthday as I'll have more clothes then!

I also went crazy when Office had a sale so expect a post about that!

I've been so busy with university work, and my 'Green Light' blog that my others have completely fell by the wayside.

However, I'm here now :)

So, I finally jumped on the Black milk bandwagon (always been a fan but I'm too tight to spend money) I bought this beauty...

I literally have no idea why my chest looks that big? I'm calling it the 'black milk illusion' Anyway, it was totally worth the money. It's sooooo comfy and I suggest that you don't fight back the urge as long as I did!

On a completley different note, I am also one of the photographers for the uni paper now and for Movember I made my mates do this...  ( I posed as well to get them on side)


All in good fun (:

 I also need to blog about my new coat! (that isn't so new as I'm wearing it on these photos)