Monday, 2 April 2012


I might actually be THE worst person at keeping up with blogging.
Anyway, waaaaay back in early-ish March I attended a fancy dress with the theme Angels and Demons. I decided to keep the outfit simple and to make the main focus my eyes. I bought some red contacts that looked like this (but bought them from a shop for £17 but THEN had to buy contact solution for a fiver).

I've never worn contacts before and it was surprisingly easy to put them in and to take them out.

However, after getting used to them and wearing them for about 4 hours ( I kept forgetting I had them in) I decided to take them out and accidently split one.

(I decided to paint my eyebrow red)

I also took a trip to Birmingham a couple of weeks ago, I planned to get dark brown hair dye but apparently that decision sit well.

What an idiot, dip dye went out last year, why am I still trying to do it?!