Monday, 27 February 2012

Ginger barnet

So my hair has decided to go more ginger each time I wash it.

I decided to go 'old school' today and do a messy plait because I'm trying to not use the straighteners to curl my hair. It NEEDS to regain some health.

Ready for the cheesy photo to show such a hairstyle?...

Friday, 24 February 2012

Lipcote Lipstick Sealer

This may actually be the best thing I have ever purchased!

It was from Superdrug and only £3.19! Bargain.

I had heard about it a while ago but I finally got around to buying it.

To clear a few things up:
1) I am aware I do not have a mouth that suits lipstick, for some reason this hasn't stopped me buying BOLD and BRIGHT lipsticks.
2) I have always had a complex about my mouth so this is an unusual thing for me to do
and finally
3) I have no make up on hence the cropped images.

1) Barry M Lip liner
2)Clarins Joli Rouge Long-wearing moisturising lipstick
3) Lipcote

This is literally the only lip liner I own. I never really use them but it matches this lipstick perfectly.

After using the corret shade of lipliner (or not if you want to be 'unique') apply the lipstick

Blot and brush the lipcote over the lipstick and leave to dry for about 30 seconds. It tingles at first but then dries with a matte finish.

I have used this several times now and have not needed to reapply my lipstick throughout the night. It comes off easily with a make up wipe, however, I tend to use vaseline after I have worn this as it does slightly dry my lips.

I'd give it 8/10 because it does exactly what its supposed to and it lasts for AGES.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Male Hipster

To be honest, I'm not going to do many outfit posts because it makes me cringe doing them as it looks like I think my outfits are awesome. However this outfit amused me. At first I wore a black scarf around my neck, cowboy style, but then I realised I resembled a boy far too much.

I replaced it with a lassoo necklace from Dorothy Perkins and an african/egyptian looking necklace. I then tucked my denim shirt into my pants/ 'trousers' so that I looked a BIT more feminine. I wore my chelsea boots as I thought I may as well stick with a boyish theme!

After taking these photos I decided to take my hair down and put more rings on. Excuse my tired looking face!

Oh, and my 'proper' camera is still broken hence the shocking quality of these images.

Oh, and I don't really like the hipster fashion...

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Hair dye

I got bored of my hair when I cut the dip dye out so cut a fringe in. It seems after a week of that I still got bored and decided to bleach and dye my hair.

This is my last ditch attempt to go blonde (hairdressers won't do it :/)

I probably should have taken a before photo, but I have one from two days before (dressed as a Greek but it gets my hair colour across)

With my two beauts of friends.

So this time I decided to use a pre-lightener instead of pure bleach, because last time I did that my hair was RUINED. I'd give this 7/10 because it did lighten it but not as much as I'd liked. However, it did leave my hair feeling super soft.

Excuse the onesy, the house is practically an igloo.

Which turned out like this, incredibly ginge.

So I left it a day (because it had gone dark at this point and I didn't want to do an AWFUL job)

I then used two bottles of this hair dye

Which again left my hair feeling super soft but even my roots turned out really dark?

I accidently had styled my hair like this...

so I took a photo because it amused me. Excuse the make up-less face!

annnnd eventually it looked like this...

Which I don't like. I'm going to try a hairdressers ONE more time and if they can't/won't do it then I'm going to go back to red.


Monday, 6 February 2012

In NEED of long hair.

I bought some of this last year when it was on offer as I had heard amazing things about it.

It actually worked for me! My hair grew about an inch in just over a week! However, after that it began to slow down. I ran out about a month ago, and I realised how slow my hair grows without it so I bought some more today.

It states that 2-3 should be taken daily with each meal.

I'm not stating that it would work for everyone, but it's worth a try! :)

Can be bought HERE
Plus, it's better to get two tubs of 250 tablets because they have an offer on at the moment! Buy a selected item and get another for 1p! So I still bought 500 tablets for £5.50 instead of £9.79:)

Sunday, 5 February 2012


I've decided to do a blog dedicated to beauty and fashion, as such posts completely stood out on my other blog.

To cut a long story short, I also get called 'Hughie Louise' so I'm probably going to end each post with that. I kind of cringed typing that, but nevermind.