Sunday, 14 October 2012


So it starts with a little home made box my dad made (for his tools but I robbed it and painted it my wall colours)

That I then decided to fill with nail varnishs. Not all of them can fit in the box though so I have SEVERAL Barry M nail varnishs roaming around in several drawers. For some reason I thought that this wasn't enough nail varnishs, the issue is that I have most of the Barry M nail varnishs and I just don't think Rimmel is worth the money. It always chips so easily! I was food shopping the other day and I saw that ASDA do nail varnishs for £1! For a quid it didn't really matter if they weren't the best. I bought these two...

The purple/blue is only really a tint so it needed 3 coats. The coral needed one! They both dry so quick and last for at least a week.

Super happy!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Today I had the realisation that I wear too many accessories. I usually wear two necklaces or a necklace and a scarf, 4 ear rings, one nose stud, rings on my thumb, index finger and little finger and a lot of bracelets.

As much as I love wearing all this though, it's such a good feeling getting in the house and taking them all off.

I'm not sure that makes sense...