Sunday, 23 September 2012

Topshop Gel Eyeliner in Ink.

Long story short, I finally got round to buying gel eyeliner because my liquid eyeliner had ran out. I'm not a fan of pencil because I always end up rubbing it off and I don't like the overall finish.

So I bought this.
I've heard so many people talk about 'how amazing gel eyeliner is' so I gave it a go.

This eyeliner (£8 from Topshop) was just not worth it. Although it contains a lot and the package is appealing it just does not last! It smudges off quicker than pencil and ends up all over my eyelids unless I put pale eyeshadow on. It also has the appearance of pencil eyeliner :( However, the application of it, I used a make up brush, is much easier than liquid as it dries quicker.

I feel like I only chose this because of the packaging. It won't prevent me from buying a different brand of gel eyeliner, just to see if it's the Topshop brand or gel eyeliner itself that has failed.

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