Tuesday, 25 September 2012

ROMWE galaxy leggings. SUPER happy face.

Ever since the beginning of time Black Milk Clothing has been shoved in my face, consequently I've always wanted galaxy leggings.

I literally love them too much. The thing is; I'm not the thinnest of people so I didn't really fancy spending a lot of money on something that only looks good on skinny girls.

 I've been looking for some galaxy leggings for aaaaages but everywhere I looked they just didn't look as good.

Then I came across these.  Words cannot explain  how happy I was!
Anyway, they came today and I did a lot of the cliché blog posing...cringe.

I also re-found these bad boys!

I'm pretty much in love with these leggings even though they are a little bit see through. They're such a bargain!

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