Tuesday, 25 September 2012

ROMWE galaxy leggings. SUPER happy face.

Ever since the beginning of time Black Milk Clothing has been shoved in my face, consequently I've always wanted galaxy leggings.

I literally love them too much. The thing is; I'm not the thinnest of people so I didn't really fancy spending a lot of money on something that only looks good on skinny girls.

 I've been looking for some galaxy leggings for aaaaages but everywhere I looked they just didn't look as good.

Then I came across these.  Words cannot explain  how happy I was!
Anyway, they came today and I did a lot of the cliché blog posing...cringe.

I also re-found these bad boys!

I'm pretty much in love with these leggings even though they are a little bit see through. They're such a bargain!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Topshop Gel Eyeliner in Ink.

Long story short, I finally got round to buying gel eyeliner because my liquid eyeliner had ran out. I'm not a fan of pencil because I always end up rubbing it off and I don't like the overall finish.

So I bought this.
I've heard so many people talk about 'how amazing gel eyeliner is' so I gave it a go.

This eyeliner (£8 from Topshop) was just not worth it. Although it contains a lot and the package is appealing it just does not last! It smudges off quicker than pencil and ends up all over my eyelids unless I put pale eyeshadow on. It also has the appearance of pencil eyeliner :( However, the application of it, I used a make up brush, is much easier than liquid as it dries quicker.

I feel like I only chose this because of the packaging. It won't prevent me from buying a different brand of gel eyeliner, just to see if it's the Topshop brand or gel eyeliner itself that has failed.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

DIY ombre/dip dye shirt.

Yeh yeah the word 'ombre' if it doesn't make you want to punch the screen I don't know what will. I KNOW every man and his dog now has ombre hair/clothes but I had time to kill...

Last year I decided to tie dye some tops as I had NEVER tie dyed anything. I created a couple of purple/pink ones and a couple of grey. After seeing the tops, my mate decided that she wanted to give it a go so I bought some purple dye with the intention of creating more tie dye t-shirts. We never got around to doing it and the dye got misplaced.

So, this 'summer' I found the dye and decided to use it for something else, however I was so sick of wasting SO much dye that I went a little dye crazy...I dyed 8 things...

Photo originally taken to show leopard nails but it shows a pink tie dye.

I decided to photograph each step and blog about it, I'm not sure why as there are probably 567896 tutorials on how to do this, however, when I like to create/alter a piece of clothing I find as many tutorials I can! As they often use different approaches which can all be used to make something awesome.

I'll try to write as little as possible as the photos may be able to explain each step better than my feeble attempts of shoving words into sentences in order to create instructions...not sure that made sense.

Original white jeans.
I decided to dye these jeans as I'm pretty sure they've been sat in my wardrobe for 4 years and I'm pretty sure they've been out of fashion for just as long...

My dads white shirt that I cut the sleeves off.
 So you can see why I wanted to dye the shirt right? SO plain...

 After you have chosen which items you want to ombre dye (obviously the above image isn't the shirt) Dip the ends into some water. Then mix the dye as intructed on the packet. I chose 'Intense violet' by Dylon. Lets pretend that I remembered to photograph the packet before I opened it...

Once you have followed the packet instructions on how to mix the dye, place your dipped clothes into the dye as such...

 Wash the dye out in cold water, being careful to hold the item upside down in order to prevent any dye from running down the item into the white area. Hang the item to dry upside down/darker side down.

After the shirt had dried I decided to hem the seams and add a tie dyed pocket! (material used from one of the 8 items I had dyed)

I then decided to alter the buttons so none of them matched (sorry it's not ironed yet!)

As for the completely out-of-date jeans I cut them to create shorts. I then used string to 'scrunch it up' in a tie dyed way.

Scrunched shorts.

After the shorts had dried I cut them so they looked worn in and added studs. I haven't photographed them yet as they're not finished. Probably do one of those cheesey photographs of me wearing them.

I've done 3 tops, 1 bag and 4 pairs of shorts. I'm only keeping 1 top and 1 pair of shorts the rest are DEFINITELY going on eBay. I just hope someone likes them enough to buy them!